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4WD Auto Wreckers

4WD Auto Wreckers Brisbane – Cash For Car Removals

4WD Auto Wreckers Brisbane is a reputable cash for car company in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. We have been in the car removal industry long enough to gain the skills and expertise needed to provide trusted services to our customers. Call us if you want to have your car removed by qualified professionals.
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Versatile Car Removals Brisbane

The experience and the expertise we have acquired through the years have given us the versatility to offer a range of cash for car services. Below is a brief description of some of the services you can expect to find from us:

  • Cash for Cars – Get paid up to $9,999 for any type of 4WD you sell to us
  • Car Removal – We remove your car without a fee from your premises to our yards
  • Cash for Scrap 4WD – We know that selling scrap 4WDs can be a bit of a challenge, but we make it a breeze for you with our cash for scrap car removal services
  • Cash for Used 4WD – If you are having any problems selling your used 4WD, then sell it to us.
  • Cash for Damaged 4WD – Irrespective of the nature or the extent of damage, you can still expect to get top offers for your damaged 4WD
  • Old Car Removal – You have an old 4WD and you are wondering if it will be of any use to you? Use our old car removal services to get rid of it in the most reliable and profitable manner.
  • Used Car Removal – It is not always easy to drive or dispose a used car in a landfill on your own, but we can help you take care of it with our trusted used Car Removal Services. Call us now for an instant quote on any used 4WD you may have.

Get A Quick, Hassle-Free Car Sale In Brisbane

With our many years of experience, we are able to provide our customers with quality services that can’t be found anywhere else. 4WD Auto Wreckers Brisbane ensures that each of our customers receives the white glove treatment. Your first interaction with a 4WD Auto Wreckers Brisbane specialist may be contacting our appraiser to get a cash for a 4WD quote for your Mitsubishi or Toyota. From that first point of contact, we will provide you with friendly, helpful guidance to make the entire sales process easy and effortless. Each of our team members is the best at what they do. So, whether getting a quote, or having your Dodge, Subaru, Mazda, Landrover, Jeep, or Holden removed, the service you receive will be first rate.

Our 4WD removals are not the typical hassles to have completed. We work with our customers to ensure that they have a pleasant removal experience completed by courteous technicians that work around their schedules. We are removers that pay top cash for 4WD Brisbane, and cash for scrap 4WD. When we are hired to remove a Daihatsu, Kia, Lexus, Holden, Suzuki, Nissan, or any other make of vehicle, we ensure the removal is scheduled at a time convenient for our customers.

4WD Auto Wreckers Brisbane Offers the Following Advantages

Quick, Same-day 4WD Removals

We can be at your place nearly as quickly as you want us there. Just contact us and let us know a time that you have about an hour to spare. We offer same-day removals as well, so, once you’ve decided to get rid of your 4WD, you won’t have to wait long to have it removed from your premises.

Cash for 4WD

We may be a removal company in Brisbane, but that doesn’t mean that we leave with your car and leave you empty-handed. We pay cash for scrap, damaged, perfect conditionor old 4WDs. 4WD Auto Wreckers Brisbane will make you a cash payment for the vehicle. We pay cash for 4WD Brisbane.

Free Paperwork

We supply all the paperwork to ensure that the title of ownership is easily transferred to us. Our paperwork also ensures sellers are protected from any future liability once the car is sold. With us, you get a complete 4WD sale that pays top dollars.

With 4WD Auto Wreckers Brisbane, your vehicle can be in the worst of shapes, and we’ll still make you a cash offer for it. We are Brisbane 4Wheel Drive auto specialists that buy 4x4s of all makes & conditions. Get a quote for your unwanted 4×4. Contact us and provide the details of your 4×4 for a cash offer today.

Get a Quote Now!

We have a well-rounded team of staff who will be with you in every process of selling the car. Right from the time you call in to request for a Quote on the Car to the time your car is towed from your premises, we promise a smooth and easy process. We do not have branches in other cites but recommend Atlas car removals for selling four-wheel drives.

4WD Auto Wreckers









4WD Auto Wreckers is a reputable cash for car company in Queensland, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. We have been in the car removal industry long enough to gain the skills and expertise needed to provide trusted services to our customers.

We Buy 4WDs in Any Condition

Are you bothered that the condition of your 4WD might make it difficult for you to sell or even make you get rid of it cheaply? 4WD Auto Wreckers Brisbane is an expert in buying 4WDs in any condition. Whether it is unwanted, scrap, accident, used, broken, salvaged or wrecked, we will make you a top cash offer for it.

Get Top Cash for 4WD Removal

One of the things which separates us from most of the car for cash companies in the region is the fact that we are able to offer top dollars to our clients. This is because, instead of valuing your 4WD anyhow, we have real auto appraisers who will work out the actual value of your car in its current state, and our offer to you will be based on that value. Call us if you would also love to have the best rates when selling your 4WD car.

Faster Car Removal Process

Our car removal process is designed to grant you the promptness you desire. Getting to us is so easy and you have the choice of either calling us and requesting for a quote or simply filling in and submitting the request quote on our website. We will then ask you a few questions about your car and present you with a cash quote. If you accept our cash offer, the next step would be to book for the removal with our removal team and a time, date and venue of your own choosing. After confirming the booking, you can expect our crew to show up on the agreed date, time and location to give you your cash and have the car removed.

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    Their car removal services were great. I decided not to fix my damaged 4wd and they offered a good deal on it promptly removed it...