Car Brands We Buy

car brands we buyAt 4WD Auto Wreckers, we specialise in buying all brands of cars available in QLD, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. We don’t discriminate against the make, model, year of manufacture, or even the actual condition of the car. Our motto has always been that if you are willing to sell it, then we are also willing to buy it.

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Top Car Brands at 4WD Auto Wreckers, QLD

Below is a brief look into some of the car brands you can expect to sell to us hassle free:

  • Mitsubishi – Mitsubishis are known to work like horses and very reliable cars even in the roughest terrains. Whether you need them for luxury or to do some heavy hauling, you will never go wrong with a Mitsubishi brand. If you have one you no longer have to use for or you would love to get rid for top dollars, 4WD Auto Wreckers is the right place.
  • Toyota – Whether it is performance, luxury or convenience you are looking for, you will always find your answer in one of the many Toyota models. But when it comes to selling the 4WD when it has taken the effects of being used year in year out, it may not be a pleasant experience. You can trust our company for convenient offer of top cash for your old or unwanted Toyota 4WDs.
  • Mazda – This is another car with great value when operational but becomes very difficult to sell when it gets old. If you have any that has been collecting dirt and dust in your driveway, you can use our free removal services and get paid top dollars up to $9,999 for it.
  • Jeeps – Jeeps are known to give exemplary performances in both good and bad terrains. They can also last for a very long time and their consumption is also okay for the majority of users. When they get old or wrecked, no one wants to have them. If you have one you would like to sell and no one is willing to buy, we would be willing to buy it from you for top dollars. All you have to do is call us and ask for a quote.
  • Honda – in terms of compactness and consumption, very few brands rival Honda. But with a low resale value, it is never easy to convince anyone to buy an old or damaged Honda 4WD. With the cash for car services you get from us, it becomes a breeze to sell just any model of Honda 4WD you may have.
  • Nissan – aesthetics, performance and reliability are some of the attributes Nissans are known for. But selling these cars is not easy when they are old or no longer in a good condition. If you wanted the most convenient way to get rid of them, then car removal services by 4WD Auto Wreckers is the way to go.

The other brands of cars we buy include are Dodge, Hyundai, Ford, Holden, Daihatsu, Suzuki, Land Rover, Lexus, Subaru, Isuzu, and Kia amongst others.

Free Car Removal Services

One of the benefits you get with our cash for car removal services is free removal from the car’s current location to our yards. Unlike the scrap metal companies, you won’t have to bother about paying any fees to have your 4WD removed. Our removal services are flexible so that you can schedule them at a date and time of your own choosing and you are guaranteed we will show up promptly for the removal.

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